Barbie® Girls Can Make a Difference

We use Barbie®️dolls to change how youth view themselves and engage in the community by selling new, vintage, and handmade doll items and hosting doll play workshops and events that foster friendship, creativity, and thoughtfulness.


About us

We network with youth organizations to collect new and gently-used Barbie®️dolls and donate them to children affected by poverty, trauma, and low self-esteem and host doll play events to change how families view themselves and engage with the community.

We are a for-profit social enterprise that collects and donates Barbie®️dolls to youth affected by poverty, trauma, and low self-esteem.


01. Shop

We sell a combination of specialty items made by talented artisans we know,
plus Barbie dolls and other accessories we collect and resell that we think you’ll

02. Business For Good

The proceeds from our shop help support the work of existing organizations
serving all genders of youth in need, while enabling us to host doll events and workshops that empower youth to make smart choices and break the
cycle of abuse or poverty.


We sell a combination of specialty items made by talented artisans we know,
plus Barbie dolls and other accessories we collect and resell that we think you’ll

Business For Good

The proceeds from our shop help support the work of existing organizations
serving all genders of youth in need, while enabling us to host Barbie-inspired
events and workshops that empower girls to make smart choices and break the
cycle of abuse or poverty.

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Why Barbie?®


Hands-on doll play promotes therapeutic and creative storytelling, with the dolls
an extension of who girls see themselves as, or will one day be as adults. Learn
what events and programs are currently available.

Secondhand Value

Most often, parents or doll owners donate to us when they are eager to see the dolls played with again, or even for the first time. Some even express an interest in donating dolls or accessories for us to resell in our shop, so we can buy dolls and supplies for our workshops, and other giving opportunities. We accept new and gently used dolls and accessories with these guidelines in mind.

Sharing is Caring

We give away dolls so youth can feel loved and wanted enough to reach their full potential.
Learn how to recommend students, request dolls for your organization,  volunteer to be a networking partner in your city, or donate dolls below!

Guys and Dolls Program

It’s always been our goal to make all attempts to match Barbie dolls® with girls who need hope, love, and redirection, but that’s not to say there aren’t boys with those same needs who don’t like Barbie® too! We receive so many types of dolls, and even ones that are not suited to young children. That’s why we are turning to schools, colleges, and universities in hopes of giving encouragement to aspiring fashion and art design majors to encourage them to keep working hard for their dreams and to celebrate their successes. Do you know a student like that?

Partnering With Us

We accept donations of new in box dolls or gently used dolls without boxes and present them to organizations or directly to families who are recommended to us.
Depending on the occasion, we furnish doll-sized bags to place unboxed dolls in,
along with a change of clothes and either a hairbrush or an accessory piece, but we also take into account where one or more dolls are being transported.
But sometimes there are challenges. We don’t receive enough ethnic dolls for inner-city kids. Certain dolls are hard to match to the right child. Coordinating where and how dolls are donated takes time as well as money. And since we
first began in 2011, we were centered around collecting dolls to pass them forward to whoever was within our reach – making do with what we had.
In recent years, we’ve had inquiries from multiple U.S. states by prospective donors as well as contacts who have recommend families to us whom we’ve had to turn down based on the lack of enough ethnic dolls to donate, as well as not having the funding to comp what it would cost them to ship to us or for us to ship
to them.

We take donor intent seriously, which is why selling dolls is our last resort for meeting the needs of multiple girls at once. Instead, we’ve come up with other creative solutions, like the guys and dolls program for students in higher education, doll themed workshops, and incorporating dolls in our decor for events.

Many other entities similar to ours also exist to serve the needs of girls in their local areas – and through strategic partnerships with organizations and contacts around the country, we can assist donors in finding place near them where they can drop off dolls.

Want to be a partner or get listed with us?


$20 USD Flat rate shipping for up to 70 lbs available when you ship through GiveBackBox! Click HERE to purchase and print your label, and then drop off at your nearest USPS, FedEx, or UPS location.

If shipping multiple boxes, it is recommended to print up to one label per day to ensure a new bar code generates.

For questions about donating, fewer items to donate, or for making a local drop-off, please complete the Donate Dolls form  or email to or


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    Shop Barbie’s Dressing Room

    Our online shop is a combination of recommended accessories made by talented artisans, as well as an assortment of everything Barbie® we collect and resell that we think you’ll love! This enables us to support the work of existing organizations that serve all genders of youth affected by poverty, trauma, and low self-esteem, and also host events and workshops of our own. 

    Testimonial Wall

    I would love to donate Barbies to your cause. They are in original boxes and have never been outside of their box. I was collecting them for awhile but as with all of my "collections" I find now that I need to say "goodbye" to them in hopes that they will find a good home.
    Dianne says
    It is such a great feeling knowing that they are going to make a few little girls smile!! Thank you for doing what you do!
    Deb says
    Please keep me updated if you ever have a PO Box or donation center near here! I will definitely look in to other organizations that will be able to take these barbies.
    Jessica in Boston says
    Hi. I run Barbie Care and Share and I haven't looked at your website it a long time. It's great!!!
    Kay says
    Hi Natasha- I am so proud of your achievement in this endeavor. I love the videos, too.
    Cynthia says
    I have several gently used Barbie dolls and clothing that I would like to donate…They were my late fiancée’s who lost her battle with cancer and I hoped they would find a loving home. I believe they are 1980’s era.
    Jeff says
    I am a college student in North Carolina, and over Christmas break, my parents alerted me that I need to do something with the Barbie’s I have collected in the attic. I’m really attached to my collection, so I thought that maybe I could fix them up and donate them to needy children in Eastern North Carolina. My mother found your site, and it really inspired me. Could you please tell me where you get your bags so that I can get started?
    Lauren says
    My daughter has over a 100 Barbie dolls - hardly used and I am looking to donate them to allow other girls enjoy them as much as I did as a child. My daughter never loved them as much as I did (and they were loved to bits!).
    Julie in Westchester NY says:
    Hi! I just did a search online. My daughter has an enormous amount of Barbies and accessories (2 vans, a car etc) - that are still in great condition (she didn’t play with them that much) and I would love for children who are less fortunate to get the opportunity to have them.
    Julie says
    I found you when searching for donating Barbie dolls-not through Amazon. I had bought all of them from Goodwill, over many years. Never had a Barbie as a child and I have sons….Anyway, when I saw them they looked sad thrown in with a bunch of junk (that sounds weird…) I bought one or 2, took them home, cleaned them up. My friends laughed and said I had ‘issues’ I laughed too, but bought them anyway! My grandkids loved playing with them, and over the past 20 years I ended up with so many I was surprised. I’ve kept a few I liked, given others away, so I was so pleased to find you! You are doing something very nice for children!
    Jude says
    Hi! I’m a senior in high school and going through all my stuff in my house before I move out for college! I found a lot of old barbies and toys that weren’t used much and sitting in buckets in my room! I would love to donate them to you guys if you’ll take them!
    Zoie says
    I really like this concept. Thanks for doing what you do.
    Laura says
    I have many dolls I’ve cleaned and “rehabbed” that are eagerly awaiting a new life of play.
    Krystle says
    This is such a great idea! I have a bunch of Barbies that are in great shape (except for the hair!) and would love to get them to someone that would want them.
    Lisa says
    I visited my parents for the holiday and discovered alllll of my sister's and mine old barbie dolls and clothing. Many are in great condition and I would love to see them find another home.
    Mary says
    I found your website while trying to find a place where I can donate some of my old toys. I was really impressed with your mission and would love to help out.
    Katarzyna says
    I am a retiree who loved playing with Barbies as a child, although I had Midge, not Barbie. During the last several months, I’ve been making clothes for my old Midge doll. Friends were encouraging me to sell the clothes, but I’m not sure how much money I would actually make. I found your email online and would like to know more about what you do and how I could help. I saw a video online showing a huge box filled with Barbie clothes. I don’t have that many yet but would be interested in donating what I do have and continuing to make more for your project. I make them because I enjoy doing it.
    Mary says
    Hello! Last year I was looking for a place to donate some of my ‘pre-owned’ Barbies, and I found your website. It’s a shame for great dolls to stay in storage, and I wanted my childhood ‘friends’ to be a help and bring smiles to girls who would appreciate them like I did. But, I’m sentimental; hence, it’s taken me a while to take action. 😉. I have some dolls and clothes…I think what you’re doing is a wonderful way to share love with children.
    Sarah says

    Ken's Day of Giving

    July 27, 2022

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