Ken's Day of Giving

2nd Annual Ken’s Day of Giving

Meet my dad, Kenneth Kohlhoff. He passed away on December 17, 2020, from complications from preexisting medical conditions while hospitalized. Because this was during the pandemic, we only got to see him at the beginning of his hospital stay, and then again one other time when he was expected not to make it. 
Throughout his life, Dad loved people in need. He was always ready with a joke, smile, or sympathetic ear. He’d drive an untold number of miles just to be with someone if they asked for his company. And he was passionate about those who were hungry or sick. We were always feeding neighbors and friends and attending get togethers with people because we didn’t always have relatives nearby.

What We are Celebrating

Dad’s untimely death was a heavy blow to our family and friends, who had always thought of him as an invincible force always looking out for everyone and everything he held dear. Robbed of our ability to comfort him when he needed us most was just as challenging as having to live through the void of him no longer being with us.
For birthdays and holidays, Dad loved to give gifts – especially to all the kids we knew. It’s no wonder, then, that between he and my mom, I ended up with a heart for gifting Barbie dolls to girls in need. With that in mind, I have my mom to thank for the challenge she posed to me when asking if we could incorporate Dad into The Barbie Girls Project. After all, his name was Ken, just like Barbie’s better half. It was an inside joke that never grew old!  Dad loved being spoiled rotten, and so on his first heavenly birthday, we did acts of kindness in his name and posted about it on social media with the hashtags  and , encouraging others to do the same.
This year, we are celebrating again on July 27th with some added excitement! It’s also our business launch day for The Barbie Girls Project as a minority woman-owned social enterprise!  So while you’re out there sharing your random act of kindness on behalf of Dad or someone else you’ve loved and lost (don’t forget to use the hashtags  and #thebarbiegirlsproject), you also have the option to support the work of The Barbie Girls Project, helping youth affected by poverty, trauma and low-esteem when you:
  • Donate Barbie dolls HERE or get listed as a partner organization in our DATABASE
  • View our eBay listings for low-cost Barbie odds and ends (like orphan shoes or incomplete outfits), or CONTACT US if you’re on the hunt for something specific we might have
  • Make a monetary donation HERE
Your support of The Barbie Girls Project will allow us to provide therapeutic doll play, foster meaningful friendships, and present creative doll-themed workshops to the community.  But that’s not all! We are also putting together an online shop comprised of Barbie-inspired products we recommend as well as ones made exclusively for The Barbie Girls Project!  It’s still a work in progress that requires funding and time to provide a diverse selection for doll lovers to enjoy.  
However you choose to participate, we thank you in advance for helping us honor Dad’s legacy.  We look forward to all the joy we’ll be spreading for Ken’s Day of Giving!